Car T-shirt company looking for a shirt Designer and possibly many more future designs.  Thank you. :)

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Car T-shirt company looking for a shirt Designer and possibly many more future designs.  Thank you. :)


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I started my own home run T-Shirt Business named I have a few designs up on my ebay page already but I'm looking for a fresh new look and designer.

As you can tell by my other shirts I specifically Target Car Enthusiasts. So this phrase is actually in relation to a car. I don't want a specific car because I may push away different car makes and models.

My idea was to have a cool custom font or existing fonts plus graphics to convey this message. Maybe the "The faster I go" part can look like it's Traveling fast" while the Broker I get. show money falling off.. and car parts breaking.. Im open to suggestion and ideas. 

**I would say something simple but very creative is necessary.  I also want to limit my color choices to 3 at most to keep the T-shirt cost down.

FYI.. for inspiration feel free to see the youtube video of where this phrase originates from.

Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

Not specified


The Faster I go
The more Broke I get

*I just decided to go with this final text phrase.  Please revise your designs if you previously submitted to the previous text.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

What to avoid

I just don't want a specific car type by shapes or recognizable parts of cars are great. I'm trying to sell to an open audience of all makes and models and if I limit it to only one type of car.. that's the only limited crowd that will buy this shirt. Thanks.

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