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Eric-Jan de Roode ran a stationery contest — Custom package.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - lato_x
Design was fantastic and well done! As a bonus there was a little extra thrown in above and beyond what we expected. That is true customer service! We'll be inviting Lato to our other projects, and recommend you take a serious look at a very talented individual.
- natattack

How Eric-Jan de Roode started their stationery journey

Background information


Our target groups are consultancy firms that sell our product to their end users. It enables our partners to make an x-ray of organisations capabilities (Strategy, people, structure, whatsoever) and to implement improvement programs. Our partner can be active in Sales, Utility, health, Telco, IT, whatsoever. Summarized: We sell to Partners nationally and internationally.

Brand Name

CreatingExcellence Group BV. brand name CreatingExcellence Group

Brief Summary

We are developing a web based application that enables organisations to monitor the peoples site of business. Our objective is that people drive performance and that you should monitor this periodically by using our tools. With the outcome of our tools management has the ability to improve their organisation and get control over the " peoples " factor within their organisation. As an organisation we have knowledge to create this kind of measurement tools and have the knowledge and expertise to create content. The organisation is based in the Netherlands and has his own software development team. It is a high end product only sold by parters that have specific knowledge how to improve organisations. We are high tec and know our business. Its an informal company culture and we want to be the best in our field.

Content details


We looking for complete Corporate Identity (Logo, Business Cards, Letter) that reflects perfectly what we do. The pay-off of our company" Strategic Performance Monitoring" should be incorporated in our corporate Identity. It is high-end business so we should be taken serious by the well known Consultancy firms in our field. No cartoons and/or Stockphoto's. Its High Tech and innovative. This should be the image that is confirmed by the corporate identity. It should be a timeless logo and feel free to experiment with colours. The logo should be suitable to use on a website.