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stationery for Eco Chic Hair Studio Inc.

Nancymac9 ran a stationery contest — Bronze package.


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Runner-up design by LasART Media
Runner-up design by Isbellal
Runner-up design by Owenxkie
Runner-up design by Pradityo
Runner-up design by Andra D

Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner -
Working with was an absolute pleasure. Her responses were immediate, her grasp of the brief was excellent and she clearly has a very solid creative understanding. I highly recommend her.
- alan.crossan
Finalist - Owenxkie
Very talented designer.
- Anonymous
Finalist - LasART Media
This designer is very professional, talented and friendly to work with. He already won two of our contests.
- Sean235786
Finalist - Vazovski99
Vazovski99 has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were all of our briefs and comments swiftly listened to, it was done with great artistic license with Vazovski99 being confident enough to take vague instructions and create great work. We continued to work together to perfect the flyer going through many iterations and even making business cards together at a later date. So happy we chose Vazovski99, professional, creative and easy to work with!
- Nickmcn

How Nancymac9 started their stationery journey

Background information

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We are (as of Aug15th) Halifax's first Eco conscious hair salon. Trendy and upscale in look, we provide all the same services as conventional salons without the harsh chemical overload to the client, the stylist and the environment.

What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Cosmetics & Beauty

Existing website to reference

Organic Salon Systems

Visual style

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the stationery?

Clean and contemporary.' Eco Chic' in bold font, perhaps the letter 'O' is a blue and green planet with North America slightly to the left. 'Hair Studio' in a different font, smaller, maybe cross the 'T' with a leaf. I'm open to dark or light back round. Most Eco themed designs are white and clean. I'm open to other options.

Content details

Organization name

Eco Chic Hair Studio Inc.

What to avoid

Remember, it's the beauty industry. I love grunge cards but it's hard to make them work in the clean, Eco theme. My products I will carry are white and clean labeled and some are brown, 'Simply Organic' shampoo.