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Paver Protectors needs Estimate Sheet & Business Card Design

Paverprotectors88 picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $295 they received 38 designs from 6 designers.

99Designs has helped me with the design of my logo as well as my promotional materials. I love the concept of having more than 1 designer turn in artwork, and the fact that I do not have to pay if I do not find a design that I like. I will be using 99designs many times in the future. Jeff Evers Paver Protectors
- Jeff Evers

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Paver Protectors needs Estimate Sheet & Business Card Design


We clean & seal brick paver surfaces such as driveways, walkways,porches, and pool decks

Background information

Organization name

Paver Protectors

Description of the organization and its target audience

We clean & seal brick paver surfaces such as driveways, walkways,porches, and pool decks.

We use a sealer that is environmentally safe and that protects the brick pavers from the harsh environment, oil spills, stains, etc.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Content details


I need a business card & estimate sheet designed.

I would like the business card to have my logo which includes the name of my business as well as the following:

My name: Jeff Evers
My Phone #: (239) 288-0705

** when we seal brick pavers, they have a nice luster to them. I would like the designers to use all their creativity to make a business card that really POPS. Feel free to be creative with the shape of the card if you prefer. The color of the logo cannot change but you can incorporate the colors throughout the card. I like the earth tones of the actual bricks ( Like in the logo ). I'm uploading a few samples of what typical brick pavers look like. I will also upload a copy of my logo (eps format). If you need another format, please let me know.


I'm including a sheet that has all the information that I would like to have on my estimate sheet. My estimate sheet will be a 2 part carbonless sheet. The information on the sheet I am providing is what I need on the design. They are not in any actual order. I want you designers to be creative to make the sheet look uniform, easy to read and understand, and have colors that really compliment the design of the business card. I need a section that is labeled notes ( I was wondering if you could have the character in my logo in a different pose, next to the notes section, as if to imply that the message is from him ). Please feel free to ask questions. I am confident that you all will come up with some awesome designs. Please use color and preferably earth tones like in the logo ( the colors of the bricks ).

Again, this contest is for business card & estimate sheet.