Winning design by TheExG

Oversized Business Card

Gorillaglass picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $299 they received 35 designs from 9 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Oversized Business Card


Auto Glass Company - Need new exciting look!

Background information

Description of the organization and its target audience

We repair and replace auto glass.



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the stationery

I want the card to stand out and be unique, so whatever artistic touch you want to add to it would be great...maybe adding a car logo or any picture having to do with windshield replacement.

Maybe some splash of color (red maybe like the Yelp logo on my website) to add color contrast to the card. Maybe when you add the part that I mentioned above about "Check out on great online reviews" it would make sense to add the Yelp, Google and Yahoo logos.

You'll notice that there are some different versions of my logo...feel free to use whatever color scheme you think might work although I think the white backgrounds seems to give the best contrast. The new gray background looks dull and not as crisp. Also just to mention in again, I like the brighter blue as it it in the PDF version of my business card but inocorporated with my new logo.

I am also attaching my magnet that we send out to our customers.

Content details

Organization name

Blue Chip Auto Glass

Details to include on the stationery

I am going to provide the two design examples of what I have used for my business cards in the past. I use a larger format business card and call it a "Glove Box" business card that my customers can keep in their cars after we install a windshield. I just ordered my new business card and am just not happy with the way it looks. I think that I like the first business card design I had 1st (without the logo) better because the contrast between the darker lettering and the white background stood out more. Also, I like the brighter blue in my old design. The idea behind the redesign is that I need to incorporate my new logo into the business card. I will attach the original business card design as a PDF and the newer design in a zip file. I need to include components in the existing cards but just make it look better.

To be more specific, I would like the three phone numbers, address, e-mail address, and all the other bullet points if we can make them fit.

In addition to the details in my existing cards. I want to have the cards say "Check out our great online reviews on Google, Yahoo and Yelp" I would also like to add a Twitter and Facebook icon.

Because my name has recently been trademarked I changed the TM to a R with a circle around it. I would like this R sign to be larger than it is on my existing card.

My website is so you can get a feel for my business and the look.

I am open to a completely new card design as long as it incorporates my logo in some way.

What to avoid

One mistake on the card with the logo is that the heading says "Blue Chip Auto Glass" and then "auto glass repair and replacement"...this is should just say

"Blue Chip Auto Glass" and then "Repair and Replacement"... but also larger so that it can be read.