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    Sat, 07 Apr 2012 03:28:35 +0000
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    Hello finalists. Thank you each for your designs. I don't see the comments from your side, but based on the comment on the main board there seems to have been a problem. I will make sure I explain from our side.

    We are a consulting firm and work for many different clients. When I hold this contest and someone submits a design we like, we gather them and show a few to the client. In this case, the client liked the custom suit shape and wanted to develop it a bit further as well as a few of the other designs. I was unable to get a response from the designer of the one the client liked most. After trying three times to get in touch with him for a revision, I asked the community to develop the design so I had something to show him. This is not the way I would want to work, but we don't have a choice if we can't get in touch with a designer.

    I have shown each of the designs to the client now and he is quite impressed with all of them and trying to choose. In last contest we ran for a business card some of the designers submitted letterhead and envelopes which were very helpful in getting the client to choose one. If anybody did letterheads and envelopes you are welcome to submit them as well and I will show them to the client to help him decide.

    The client has asked to see each of the designs on the grey background the same as in 26 and laid out side by side. He says it is easier to decide without a distracting back ground and them all being the same. Thank you again finalists. We will be working over the easter weekend and will check on the designs all weekend. Good luck.