Winning design by eyzhel

Help My Yes man with a new stationery

Man in Japan picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $199 they received 55 designs from 8 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help My Yes man with a new stationery


Not specified

Background information

Description of the organization and its target audience

My Yes Man.Com is a service with International Male Companions Providing Private and Social Services to Executive Women in Japan..



Existing website to reference

http://www. my yes man . com

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the stationery

This card is a combination of logo / card, if we had a logo there would be no reason to pay to have a card done..

We would like you to visit our website myyesman . com and get a feel of the classy look we are

Content details

Organization name

My Yes man

Details to include on the stationery

My Yes Man.Com
Providing private and social services to Executive women in Japan

We will give These cards to each member of our company, they will download sample cards from our website and have them printed out. They will have to fill in their name and members number which would need space for about 4 digits..

We need to have our phone number, e-mail and website on the front of the card in a fashionable way.

Phone # 080-3961-0702
Website :

We would need a place for each guy to fill in their own nickname and escort #

Example :
Name_______ #__________

Escort # ____________
etc etc...

We think it may be a great idea to have the escort details on the back of the card OR it can be on the front of the card but depends on the design and how nice it may look.

Our goal is to have a very High Class, Elegant, Sexy business card designed with black, silver, gray, Sinister colors and a card that will get attention. Our female clients are Japanese so even mixing some Japanese Flair in the design may be good.

I don't want to back you into a corner, be creative and think , if I had a high end companion service asking clients for thousands of dollars then what kind of business card would I have ???

What to avoid

Avoid the average everyday designs, this card is a combination of logo/card so have fun with it.