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Flyer for lead generation services

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Contest title


Flyer for lead generation services


Eye-catching Flow Diagram needed; show your creativity and style

Background information


This flyer targets attorneys and lawyers, who are very conservative and cautious in both their spending and in trying new things. Believability and credibility are important. SSD law firms and SSD advocacy groups; primarily this will be viewed by attorneys in smaller offices who are struggling to maintain business or simply need some help managing the admin efforts of their lead generation. When an attorney gets a lot of leads in the door, it can be overwhelming to the office and staff, and they may have a hard time following up on those leads. Our services can get more leads in the door (to increase business) and can also help manage the early stages of the sales process (to reduce their required admin time). The primary benefits to clients for our services are: Benefits • Stability • Expand practice, increase case load • Reduce staff & overhead • Manage cases rather than leads with same staff • Improve profitability Concerns • Missing the internet revolution • Business tailing off • Predators taking over, i.e. big SSD advocacy companies, etc. • Overhead consuming more and more time • Nothing works; they've failed at other lead generation services

Brand Name

IM Solutions, LLC

Brief Summary

We are a lead generation service providing leads and services to law firms. This project involves the lead generation for Social Security Disability law firms and advocacy groups. We provide leads to the firm, then traditionally the firm tries to convert the leads to clients. We also offer services to help in part of the process of getting them converted by contacting the leads and having followup interviews with the leads. Thus, we can help cull the bogus leads and help get the inquirer more vested in the process and closer to being a client. Usually, firms like ours only provide leads and the attorneys are required to followup on the leads and do their own internal sales processes, which are often highly ineffective. Lawyers like to practice law and don't like to sell their services. We are offering to both provide leads, and also to help with portions of the internal sales processes so that leads can get converted to clients.

Content details


We need a one-page flyer that graphically demonstrates and quantifies the typical flow of leads through to a completed settlement and makes it crystal clear what results are to be expected from our services, and if those results are not achieved, then what other options and services we have for them. We want to convey that we have a portfolio of services available based on the clients' need and performance in different steps of the process.. Benchmarks must be very clear. For example, 75% of all leads should be contacted; if the law firm isn't contacting 75%, we want it to be completely clear and obvious that they are missing opportunities and that we have another program to offer them. A demonstration of one-type of idea is attached, with text that can be used. We need a document that is: 1. conservative in its presentation style (this is for attorneys) 2. exudes quality and professionalism and competence 3. highlights where deficiencies may exist, but does not blame or criticize the attorneys in the event they are deficient in these manners. 4. is simple to look at and understand at a glance 5. is crystal clear in projecting the benchmarks 6. no hyper-salesmanship or whizz-bang selling; this should be business-professional and informational 7. understated in look and feel, but projects competence and value