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kamleshparmar picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $204 they received 24 designs from 9 designers.

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The target market is then : Probably female, but do not want to exclude males. People who are busy, need motivation or want to run with some one, safety in numbers. Are affluent or can afford premium services. Who live locally to my area. This is a "proof" of concept. The concept is to sell a “running buddy” who will : a. Turn up at your door or office, or where you want to meet them at a time suitable to you because your really too busy to goto a gym or a running club. Or you want to run at your convience. Will then run back with you to your drop off point. b. Will run with you as you need motivation because you would not run otherwise. c. Will make you feel safe as your not running on your own. d. Has a personality that you dictate when you book – for example : i. “Running geek” who talks about running all day ii. “Social buddy” who just talks about every day stuff iii. “Quietly Confident” who just runs with you and speaks when spoken to iv. “The Director” who will plan your route and you just follow

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I am a running enthusiast and a member of my local running club. I am Qualified and insured to lead a running group by england athletics. I am starting this service to see if there is a demand in my area for a "running buddy". It is a proof of concept. My backround is working in the computing industry.

Content details


A flyer design for handing out at the tube station on streets or used as inserts into a newspaper or magazine. A banner for including in an email. (1) I was thinking about a “cartoon” or “comic” ( marvel comic ? ) in the flyer where it show a busy person ( looking at their watch ) or some one lacking motivation with a “runbuddy” about to knock on the door etc......match stick characters ? (2) See attached for logo samples ( I have lots of other formats as well if they help ) – Please include the logo somewhere. Possible on the reverse of the flyer. I want the flyer backround color to be Yellow on both sides so it is a bit like a "club" or a "bar" flyer. The flyer should be no bigger than an A5