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Vapino ran a stationery contest — Bronze package.


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Runner-up design by ManuRocks
Runner-up design by Real Wisdom Relavo
Runner-up design by Arrowdesigns
Runner-up design by PointIdea
Runner-up design by BeautifulArchi

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Winner - ManuRocks
ManuRocks was great to work with; he was quick with his responses and changes that I'd requested. He was really the only designer that engaged in conversation with me about what I needed. I'll be asking him to do more work for us.
- JoannaN

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Home and Land Designs

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Residential Construction of Houses

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We are looking for a contemporay professional design that gives us a look that demonstrates that we are larger than we are currently
We offer house and land packages for sale to both the general public and investors building property portfolios
So whilst trying to look this way i would like a visual refference to the construction or end product ie the house within the design