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Business Card for Foothold Coaching

Foothold Coaching ran a stationery contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - BramDwi
Nailed it from the first entry, BaMan is gifted and artistic, took the concept and worked with it! I highly recommend, and will certainly continue working with BaMan on future projects.
- Anonymous
Finalist - malih
Very eager to submit updates. Quick turnaround on feedback. Only once did I have to re-word my request.
- Anonymous
Finalist - Wh!te Dr@gon
Great Designer...highly recommended. Thanks mo
- stakhim
Finalist - pecas
Pecas was awesome. Obviously an amazing designer, but also extremely kind and patient with our final revisions. I'd love to work with her again in the future!
- mattU
Finalist - jcmarch
Fantastic work. He listened to all of my suggestions and delivered a top quality design. Thank you!
- Syzygy Health
Finalist - Rakajalu99
Amazing designer. Get working with him.
- Anonymous

How Foothold Coaching started their stationery journey

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

I am a leadership coach for early-stage entrepreneurs. I currently work one-on-one with my coaching clients, and over time I hope to add online and workshop trainings and a blog with useful content designed for the particular challenges and constraints faced by early-stage entrepreneurs.

My target audience is any entrepreneurial leader who wants to become a more effective leader and manager. About 1/3 of my clients are solo entrepreneurs (an aspiring rock star and music-preneur, a vegan chef and animal rights activist) and the other 2/3 are the founders or leaders of startup companies that will raise venture capital or angel investment to launch and promote their product/service.

They are all people who are youthful (if not actually young---vast majority are under 35), creative, passionate and appreciate brevity & simplicity.

What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Business & Consulting

Existing website to reference

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the stationery?

1) FootholdCoaching---for the name of the company I want it to be like the logo that is on my website homepage
- Foothold is written in Calibri font. The color blue is R-0, G-89, B-125 or #00597d
- Coaching is written in Lucida Handwriting. The color brown is: R-95, G-55, B-19 or 5f3713
(I apologize I couldn’t upload the file for this logo---the website wouldn’t except a PSD file and I don’t have a JPEG hi-res version and I no longer have access to photoshop to do the file conversion)
I like this blue and this coppery brown and I think I would like the rest of the text and the design elements to use these---but I am open to considering designs that are similar but add another color into the palette or are close but not these exact tones.

2) I would like the tagline “For Entrepreneurial Leaders” to be worked into the design somehow…but I am open to how/where you choose to do that….

3) I am open to either a one-sided or two-sided card especially if the second side brings in more color, the mountain design element, or the tagline in some way

4) I am open to colored background cards….that said, I prefer simple, clean lines (again see my website…a lot of white background) so my guess is that white or a natural ivory card might be best, but again I am open.

5) I am open to the business cards with curved/rounded edges instead of normal right-angle corners….I do think I want a standard size, however, so I don’t want a square or a smaller than usual one.

6) I would like there to be some sort of “design element” to the card. It could be very simple/subtle but I think I want it to suggest some sort of mountain climb (to go with the “foothold” element of my name) One idea I had I am uploading a sketch of…The sketch isn’t perfect though because it doesn’t have the tagline and has my old title which I no longer want on the card…but you can see the curved line suggests a mountain but not in an explicit way

7) My brand values are: Helpful, Secure, Focused, Enthusiastic, Adventurous. If you’d like more info or inspiration on that---see brand attributes uploaded document---but not sure if that would be helpful or not.

Organization name

Foothold Coaching

What to avoid

There are a lot of executive coaches out there who are old and boring. I am young (30) and I want to bring a youthful, fresh energy to coaching. I don’t want the card to say “I am a boring/safe/conservative business consultant” in any way. I don’t want it to be red/black or serious or “professional” in that kind of way.

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