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DIGIQ ran a social media page contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Finalist - Fast Task
Work was exactly what I needed and super fast turnaround!
- Anonymous
Finalist - Rhoi
Worked very well with feedback, we went through half a dozen revs on the final design in the matter of a few days. Rhoi has a great design eye and is quick to push pixels!
- Adam Derewecki
Finalist - Tsatsos11
Great work, already won my second contest.
- Matthias Matting
Finalist - wearnes
My request was for a Facebook banner for my business. It was hard for me to articulate my vision for the banner. Wearnes really listened to me and implemented my suggestions beautifully and quickly. I highly recommend wearnes and hope to work with him again.
- Martha E

How DIGIQ started their social media page journey

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the social media page?

We're launching Quoto 2.0 in a few weeks. A preview can be seen here:…/Quoto.jpg

The main takeaway from looking at this new website design should be the colors and the style. The website design is both clean AND eye-catching. We'd like the social media pages to carry those same qualities. Additionally, we'd like the same orange color to be used.Feel free to use the logo, or any of the author illustrations that are attached. Also feel free to use buzz words like "inspire", "wisdom", "motivate", "humor", "love", etc. Or feel free to use quotes from the site.

However, do not feel obligated to use any of this. We'd like to see your creativity. The only real requirement is that the "Q" mark appear somewhere (whether that be the cover or the profile picture).

Social media page to design

Facebook cover


We're open to all creativity for this contest. Anything goes. needs a new look for the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

Please feel free to only submit the Facebook cover design in the first phase of the contest. Finalists will be required to submit matching Twitter and Google+ designs.

Custom package


Paid features

  • Twitter promotion
  • Blog promotion

Free features

  • Blind contest
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