Completed contest

Your help is required for a new social media page

Jdavidson1 needed a new social media page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 23 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Miy
Miy was great to work with! I thought we collaborated well in getting to the final design.
- lenman
Finalist - Milos Manojlovic
Milos did am amazing job in a short amount of time! He made the revisions that I requested quickly and got me the files right away. I will continue to use him - he does great work! Angela
- write4queenz
Finalist - Envaios
as you always do, everything great!
- Anonymous

How Jdavidson1 started their social media page journey

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the social media page?

Social media page to design

Facebook cover


We are looking for a cover photo that features a pinboard with a map of the world. The pinboard should contain destinations highlighted on a map using a polariod picture with space underneath the picture on polaroid in order to insert tex e.g Car Hire in London from £10/€13/$21:

The destiantions to be featured on the polaroids are: London, Rome, Syndey, New York, Buenos Aires, CapeTown, Bangkok.

We would like to add the below 3 unique selling points on the pinboard:
- 1.5 million happy customers
- Thousands of locations worldwide
- 100's of car hire suppliers offering best rates to Nova customers

And also a fun aspect for the pinboard - we'll leave this up to you!

Bronze package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Guaranteed



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