Help "VEGAS SUDS" with a new signage


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Contest title


Help "VEGAS SUDS" with a new signage


This is a neighborhood car wash

Background information

Organization name

Vegas Suds

Description of the organization and its target audience

This is a neighborhood car wash that has been closed for 3 years, the pictures I have attached are of the old sign, we are in the process of remodling the wash and will reopen in July.



Content details


We are a new carwash in Las Vegas Nevada we have an 8' x 8' sign and we are looking for an attractive eye catching design that invites customers to try our carwash.

The sign is 35' high and will be two sided we need to let motorist know we are a public carwash so we think "carwash" should be dominant and the name "Vegas Suds" should be less dominant



We think our slogan will be something like "What goes on in Las Vegas will wash off here"

A kind of play on the famous "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"