Winning design by abpalko

Anybody out there!!  Always Unleashed need a sign please!

Karen72082 picked a winning design in their signage contest. For just $195 they received 61 designs from 6 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Anybody out there!!  Always Unleashed need a sign please!


MONUMNET sign 8' x 12' insert

Background information

Organization name

Always Unleashed

Description of the organization and its target audience

I just bought a commercial location for indoor.outdoor dog daycare and boarding, I am the only location in Scottsdale Az where the dogs are allowed to go outside to pay in a 8,000 sq ft area. I am putting in a climbing waterfall, stream, splash pad, underground tunnels, hills, trees, grass, misters, sun shads, etc. There's nothing else like it in Scottsdale because it's soooo hard to get zoning to allow this, hence I'm very excited. Check out my website where I have been doing it out of my home for the past 13 years--pay no attention to the logo I am going to get a new one along with a brouchure for princing.
I have a huge monument sign, photo below that I will be needing a designed insert.


Animal & Pet

Content details


I have monument sign that will be needing an insert 8'x 12' The last photo below is from the sign company --take a look for an idea they gave me--it's close but dogs too small and maybe a little different font -- MOST IMPORTANT THING IS people are driving by at 45 mph and it needs to be simple--ALWAYS UNLEASHED very readable--BOARDING - DAYCARE- AND MORE... easily readable too with silhouette of dogs at play. That's what the place is about dogs have a fun active time playing. The sign company is going to cut out UNLEASHED and the silhouettes of the dogs out of metal and mount them 3' on top of sign to make a 3D effect. I want earth tone colors used tan, brown and black and maybe a little white for lettering to pop