Logo for a fun and social hobbies-based website!

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In our briefing, "having fun" and "activities" were the main concepts to transmit. In addition, we specified colors looking "sunny" or inspiring "outdoors", as our webpage fanobi.com will be based on activities.

The great ability that Zdev showed for designing our logo relies mainly on how, despite its initial simplicity, the image transmits confidence, fun and looks unique.
Simplicity (for being easily remembered) and being unique (so it won't reminds other brands other than fanobi.com) are concepts usually difficult to mix together but we clearly find them here.
We are also very happy with the color choice, inspiring, maybe, a grass field and the sun.

The designer was also adapting the design to our continuous feedback, having a nice mood and even suggesting possibilities we did not ask for, like a possible use of the main character for ilustrating individual activities in the future.

So for these reasons we chose Zdev as winner, we will probably ask him for a 1-to-1 work in the future and we recommend him to everybody!

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about 6 years ago

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