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I did not have a good experience. I came to Widakk with a logo that I needed to be improved, and in truth the final submission is worse than what I started with. I came to him after reviewing his portfolio on 99designs, behance and dribbble because he clearly has a great deal of skill. he's won awards on 99designs for best design of the year. But him and I just didn't work well together. I didn't know what I wanted and was often times indecisive and all over the place, I was hoping he could create something that would "wow" me. He did submit multiple concepts that would at first seem great, but then later after getting other opinions within my company and designer colleagues, they were quick to remind me that it was not good quality work (a few people threw around the phrase Fiverr quality). He was very patient throughout my multiple change requests, but when I told him I didn't love his submissions he agreed with the following statement: "I'm not actually excited about the logo, either... I see how much passion you put into this and I really want to make something amazing for you". He tried another concept after this statement, and in truth that design was amazing, but it wasn't right for my company. He is also quite slow and not sure if that is because he has a lot of work. I don't feel as though he put 100% into this project, so overall it wasn't a good experience for me. It ultimately was a complete waste of money for me, so I'll chalk it up as a learning experience. I likely will not use 99designs again in the future, and I certainly will be staying far away from this guy.

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