When I began my project to have a new product label and box created, I was entering new territory. 99Designs was recommended to me by professionals who were happy with results but I stepped cautiously; very cautiously.
There were many good designs but when I first saw Tristan's, I liked it immediately. Toward the end of the final round, I had two other designs I thought were very good; I like them almost equally. However, it was his expertise, professionalism and confidence in addition to the design that finally caused me know I wanted to work with him to complete this project as well as future projects. He knows, expertly, all the detailed requirements to produce the label and box; I can just confidently send the full, complete art package to the respective suppliers.
Additionally, what helped with the final decision was how he went beyond my description. He implemented description details into the design - very telling for me as to the level of his work ethic; very important for me.
I am planning on branding 3 or 4 products and look forward to having Tristan create complimentary designs while unique and individual to each product. As he says "complimenting but not the same and boring".
I confidently recommend Tristan for any design work.

Review by anonymous client

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