Create a wickedly awesome logo for an unusual Design&Engineering Startup

The difficult task at hand was to create a Logo that combines the creative and highly individual character of an industrial design supplier with the bullet-proof-scientific aspects of a multidisciplinary engineering company.

The Logoist managed to zone-in on our needs quickly by not only asking the right questions, but also by carefully (and immediately) picking-up all the relevant information from our feedback in return.

His reaction times were ridiculously quick throughout the entire process and we value the tons of feedback (and explanations) he gave along with the evolving design.

Without any doubt, the Logoist IS the Bruce Wayne of Logodesign and we highly recommend this creative professional in all aspects!

Christopher Koenig
Co-Founder & Technical Director
dreigeist GbR

Review by christopher.koenig

almost 6 years ago

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