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My small business has grown to 5 full time employees within 4 years here in Toronto, Canada. When I started the company, I needed appealing designs & creativity to make us stand out. As well as a reliable designer to assist us with client work. We tried numerous designers and they didn’t work out for whatever reasons. Then we found Tanja that all changed. She understands design, the need for quick turnaround and just gets it. She works so hard that I don’t think she ever sleeps. Lol. Tanja always ensures the deliverables are top notch and is what we all envisioned. For the last 4 years my team & clients will only use tanja, even though she lives 1000’s of Mike’s away and have never met or spoken to her in person, we consider her to be like our 6th employee. I’d highly recommend hiring Tanja for all your creative designs, image resizing, literature, flyer designs, graphic designs, social media background image creation with proper sizing to fit, landing page layout, etc. She’s worth every penny and should be charging even more for her services as you will always get more than you pay. Highly recommended and the best in the business.

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