An underwear brand encouraging worth and inspiring people to find meaning in their lives.

The brief was to create a logo for a new underwear brand that encourages worth and inspires people to find meaning in their lives. We are approaching underwear from a whole new perspective - we do not want to be associated with anything that remotely sexualises women.

S.V Art took the time to read and understand the brief, and really thought outside the box. We could tell from S.V Arts designs that they had really thought about what we wanted to portray and what we are trying to do. Nothing was too much for S.V Art - both big and small requests were completed efficiently. This allowed me to see the designs in many different instances, which helped with my thought process.

I couldn't recommend S.V. Art more highly, and I wish them all the best for the rest of their career.

Review by soniabellero

over 5 years ago

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