Something between vintage and modern for a skateboarder podcasting about the obstacles of business, lifestyle and tech.

I really couldn't have asked to work with a better designer, and I've worked with quite a few over the years.

Her ongoing communication and request for feedback so that she could really deliver what I had envisioned was what truly made this experience the best.

I have to admit that this particular project was challenging based on what our brand is about to launch as we feel we're breaking all of these "rules" as to brand identity based on our product/service, but we strive to go against the grain.

Anyway, I've often just left the designing up to the designer and have attempted to give us much information and regardless of these twists and turns with our current brand, this experience really got us thinking much deeper when we got the first concept, which really didn't change much from the final version.

It was truly an honor and a pleasure all the way to work with a designer who strives to bring the best to the table.

I will definitely be inquiring about more work in the very near future.

Review by kevinr.ross
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