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Exceptional and outstanding web design work. This was an important job for us and we put a lot of efforts into it. The more important it was, to have a great designer on board who delivers the final web design for this project. Once more, Studio Ubique just did an amazing job and we were very happy to have him chosen (it seems we are a regular "client" of him as he already won a contest before :). He was delivering great ideas and transformed our inputs into nice and professional design work. Also he is a very friendly and patient character. Just perfect to work with!

We were very picky in this 5 page contest. But still for each page, already the first concepts were always in the right direction and often, only fine tuning was needed after the first concept. This helps so much and sets a very high quality standard since the beginning, which is exactly what we needed. Because from the beginning we wrote in the briefing that we will not be satisfied with just a "nice and professional" web design. It must really be something very creative, unique and outstanding for this project.

During the contest, we were happy enough to have a lot of great designers participating. We looked at 255 web designs from 84 different designers. But we found out that our expectations can only be filled with a lot of efforts, good business understanding and if the designer is ready to go the extra mile. Studio Ubique delivered all of that. And so because the work of him was so great and he really hit our taste, we decided to have him as our only finalist. This was a great decision and we would do it again this way.

We are very happy with the results.

Thanks so much!

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