Create a different, innovative identity for an ice cream brand that's making history.

I judged Stamenix to be a relative newbie on 99designs initially because of his low number of wins, but boy was I fooled! Don't make this mistake -- if you see Stamenix making submissions to your contest, PAY ATTENTION, because not only is he FAST and DIVERSE at making many entries -- each of which has strengths - most importantly his work is grounded in REAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES. And once you give him direction, he will NAIL IT, through a strong understanding of design language. To round off his AWESOMENESS, he has a great attitude and is willing to make changes for the better always, and yet will explain to you why some changes should not be made based on design principles. You can consider Stamenix not just a hired-gun designer, but also a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED design consultant for your project. Thank you Stamenix.

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