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I've worked with designers and developers for the past 15 years, including managing teams of in-house designers and working with contractors. I've had the pleasure of working with some great people but I have to say Sasha is by far the most talented, dedicated designer I've ever worked with. He is a huge talent. He has a great sense of balancing the business objective with the final design to carry the message. He truly cares about what the outcome is. He's self-motivated. If he doesn't know something, he'll learn it on his own, and he needs very little direction. He nails the concept on the first try nearly every project we work on. Oh, and he also happens to be a grateful, kind human being and easy to work with. I can't say enough. I will continue to work with Sasha as long as he's available! (Some day he'll be famous and I'll have to find a backup.)

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