Vandwellers Logo for Nomads

This was one of the very best experiences I've ever had on the internet! It's impossible to improve on the job rekreativa2 did!! Every step of the way she went above and beyond and exceeded my every expectation!

1) She gave me a truly outstanding logo that ws everything I asked for and much more.
2) Every change I asked for she cheerfully and skillfully made.
3) She offered suggestions and I checked them all and they were all an improvement.
4) During the handover she made many small changes and gave me extras that were above and beyond just a logo. She turned it into files for a bumper-sticker and T-Shirt so I got three designs for the same price.
5) A few days after everything was finished, I discovered I needed more changes and she did them gladly and quickly. A true professional!!

ZERO!!!! There are no reasons not to work with her!!

Do yourself a favor, and work with her!

Review by akrvbob

almost 5 years ago

Invite to work