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"I've been working with the designer named "Raptor Design" for 3 projects: he won my little contest and I offered him 3 more mobile app projects. He was good as a designer: quick, responsive and agile. We've been working together for 5 months. He finished the first project and almost finished the second (90% complete). Then he asked me to release the payment for the 2nd project, because he said he needed money badly. I didn't expect any trouble with him: he had been sending me the assets as we were moving forward with the design, there were some minor issues, some icons missing, a couple of screens needed fixing, but nothing serious. He promised to fix all the issues, so I released the payment. And then, he just stopped answering me on skype or 99d chat, for 2 months. I've seen his online status, but just never received any message from him. I’ve lost almost 2 month just waiting for his response. I was forced to hire another designer to finish the work. He had broken his promises and behaved extremely immature.

Review by chvv.spb

almost 3 years ago

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