I think the designer knows this is coming but I wasn't impressed with our design. I chose this designer because of one of their landing page portfolio projects. The first draft was in a different league. I didn't think we could bridge the gap in quality - it seemed to be a different designer than advertised. Turns out it was! I wanted to cancel after draft 1 but they convinced me to try another designer out and give them another chance. The 2nd and 3rd drafts were better but still not up to my expectations. Plus it took a lot of hand holding and I felt I was doing the creative heavy-lifting. I thought the team was a little pushy to get the project finished so they could get paid too. It was definitely clear that I wasn't happy and wouldn't be. Honestly, I just let the project expire and they got paid because it's not worth my time. I don't think I will end up using this design that I paid multiple hundreds of dollars on. A shame!

Review by anonymous client

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