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My logo was difficult design because the name of the business is long, so was the tagline, and I didn't know exactly what I wanted, only the vision I wanted to communicate to my potential customers. My customers are traditional, so the design needed to achieve a balance between traditional conservatism and the Wow vision I had for my service offerings. My new logo needed to visually create a feeling of trust and reliability while being fresh and different at the same time. I purchased the gold package because I knew there would be a lot of work. I bought the gold package with business card add on pricing because I knew this would be a long process and I did not feel comfortable asking for a design for a low price.

Neeraj Sarna was a complete professional throughout the entire contest, and worked to offer different ideas even after I decided on a main concept. The final design was a result of the creative risks that Neeraj took during the contest that might have resulted in getting eliminated. I am thankful that he did take risks because my own ideas were not getting the job done. The contest was an emotional process for me because my job was to eliminate people’s ideas.

Many of the designers in my contest tired after a day or two, but Neeraj Sarna did not give up and did not communicate frustration, only new ideas when I became frustrated. He was easy to work with and managed the 12.5 hour time zone difference expertly. Because I was difficult to satisfy I extended the number of days for the contest.

At last we had combined elements from 3 different designs that Neeraj developed and landed on the winning design that looks nothing like my original concept but far exceeded my expectations.

At 99Designs, design is done differently, I found that I actually got the value I expected for the price that I paid, and at the end I own the copyright.

Thank you Neeraj for sticking with my project and designing something I am proud to display.

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