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Create a luxury nutritional supplement image. Opportunity for more projects asap!

Coming into this project we had a very clear image of what we were wanting for our product label, but trying to convey exactly what you want is not always the easiest task. We tried our best and had over 150 entries and a few of the designers really seemed to understand what we were going for, but Flor, our design winner, got it perfect on the first submission. We did do a poll with friends and family to get a feel for what the general public would gravitate towards but in the end our choice was confirmed and she place first and second in the poll out of 8 semi-finalists.
Moving on to working with Flor directly I was a bit worried when I realised she lives in a different country than us. I was quickly reassured as I received response emails very quickly and we were able to knock out the project. We are so incredibly happy with our design and our designer we are already planning our next label for Flor to bring to life!
On a side note, the 'mid' level and 'high' level designer badge doesn't seem to fit some of the submitted work, do not let that steer you away or towards some one!

Thanks again Flor!
-Cory Pearce Co

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