Single Screen for Revere iOS app

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The project was designing a core screen for a new iOS app. This screen was very important because it would define the patterns across the rests of the app. Neno was one of several designers I was considering but ultimately picked him for a few reasons:

1. He understood the simple, clean style I was going for
2. He followed the wireframes but not blindly, making suggestions for different ways to show the information, many of which ended up in the final design
3. He has an excellent eye for hierarchy and uses typography to achieve it, where less experienced designers tend to use excessive colour and shape. (This is how he's able to achieve a readable, glanceable design that's simple and clean.
4. He uses modern tools like Sketch and is familiar with Apple's design guidelines (I found out about this afterwards but it showed in his designs).
5. He communicates well, is responsive, and willing to work hard to make the project a success.

This was my first time working with Neno but I would work with him again – recommended.

Review by Mark-Revere
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