Lightyear Studio Image Brand Reboot

We have been trying to reboot and rebrand our studio image for almost 2 years without success. We had some bad luck with previous unprofessional designers and were so dismayed that we almost gave up hope but decided to give 99 designs a chance and even though the first initial 2-3 rounds were disappointing and produced mostly duds. There were a few designs that we liked but none that we really loved and you just know it when you see the right design, and then along came Jovana and she wowed us right away with her design! It was so simple, yet beautifully elegant. She is not only a talented designer but she was so accommodating and responsive to our needs and questions as she worked to tweak and perfect our design. We can't say enough good things about Jovana and would 100% work with her again and recommend her highly for your next project!

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