Safehive - create a logo and help our effort to educate about safety & healthy living in our communities!

Safehive is a big brand focused on health, safety and care training so it needed a strong mark. This logo design couldn’t be too overly masculine or feminine and it needed to communicate safety, strength, security and also feel warm and caring - mind_idea’s logo gave us exactly that! To us, the icon feels timeless but at the same time modern. The shape surrounding and wrapping the heart feels protective and warm. Lastly, it’s a memorable mark we think will easily be recognized. We love our logo and are proud to use it.

Through our branding process, we were offered many great designs, but none felt quite as balanced or unique as this one. There is a real artistic quality to the design mind-idea came up with. This designer not only submitted a great design, they also presented how the logo would look on various background colors. This exceeded our expectations and ultimately helped sell us on their design because it looked great in every format!

Safehive offers safety training online. The sub-brand ‘Safehive for churches’ you see in this logo, is one leg of our business that focuses on training church volunteers. Safehive and the icon (without 'for churches') will often stand alone. Other times the ‘for churches’ text will be swapped out to reach other audiences with our course offerings (for moms, for construction etc.)

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