Lively Detailing experts seek ICONIC logo

The level of commitment to seeing the project through was very impressive. Receptive to all feedback. Relentless pursuit of perfection to the client's ideas/perception of the perfect product. In our case, it was an iconic logo. Response time was simply amazing. Actually used reference materials as they were updated. Follows up when you give input / feedback to ensure "this is what you had in mind" and is also proactive in creating multiple alternatives such as colors/fonts/arrangement to components within the design.
I could go on and on, but you probably get the idea that this artist is more than capable of delivering an impressive design and is not intimidated by any challenge.
It was a pleasure working with killpixel::24/7. Select him and you will wonder if he actually ever sleeps.
Delivered final versions immediately and offered to make any adjustments we may have had which were minimal. This was great as we were able to move forward with other tasks where a logo was necessary.
Hope this proves helpful to those of you who own small businesses and have limited budgets. If you are like us, you want to maximize your ROI. This artist is the one you want working on such a project/campaign.
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Review by liamlively
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