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Baby Clothing Boutique requiring a catchy logo to accompany name!

I approached Maioriz to take part in my contest, I had some entries, but nothing that was massively appealing to me, and not great communication with designers.

After explaining some things to Maioriz a design was submitted, I find it difficult at times to put across what exactly I mean, but Maioriz understood what I meant, and within a short space of time, the logo that I had been seeking had been delivered.

I'm so glad that Maioriz read my message, messaged me and took part in it, paying for this logo was essential to me, to be able to build myself up as someone serious, it has cost me money that I don't necessarily have, but knowing now that I can start something with the best logo, the one that I had imagined, I'm so so grateful.

So thank you for helping me, your time and effort, your fantastic communication and understanding on developing what I had wanted.

I am so so grateful and I hope that I manage to succeed what I'm setting out to do. Because I have the best foundation block!

Review by Sazza85

over 2 years ago

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