Be the light in a world of darkness!

The Sextopia Foundation ( is a new company established to provide education, advocacy and empowerment to others around the world in relation to their sexuality; providing them with a way to explore their sexuality that is judgement free, inclusive, safe and with information based on evidence based research. It was a tough assignment to design a logo that that didn't cheapen the intention of encouraging people to be conscious about their sexuality in a world of unconscious sexuality but Luis did a great job. Not only was he very easy to work with (and he never once complained about my endless requests for variations) but he also challenged me to consider concepts and viewpoints that I hadn't thought of previously. Perhaps the most important thing that Luis gave me though was a story that was congruent with the branding that supported every line that you see in the logo. I'd highly recommend Luis and his work.

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about 5 years ago

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