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Precision Acupuncture

Part of opening your own business is figuring out how to get everything done. It is f*cking daunting. There are so many platforms all claiming to be the right one with the right designer for you. If you found yourself here...good for you. You're going to be just fine Boo.

Being naive, I thought I could make a website on my own. After I wasted a weekend watching YouTube videos while drinking adult beverages I gave in and admitted I needed help. I have to thank 99designs for helping me find Li.

It began as most relationships are starting...with an online profile. Li was the fist designer that caught my eye on 99designs and I liked what I read. As with other forms of online "dating" I put him as one of my "top five" list and I kept shopping. I exchanged emails with several designers during the process but Li was the first to respond to my inquiry. He is incredibly on point. The "New York Minute" is a real thing with Li.

We chose to speak on the phone to get a better understanding of what I was looking for. I scheduled a phone call for 3:00pm. He called me at 2:58pm. He left me a voicemail, text and email. Li was exceptionally prompt, efficient and sincere with every interaction.

It was Li's background in journalism that has sharpened his skills to hone in on me. Li was able to understand my profession, my business and what direction I wanted to go.

Li explained in detail and walked me though the process of designing a website, securing a domain and going live. I am beyond impressed with my final result. With every finale of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette there is a final rose ceremony. It was Li's demeanor, professionalism, inquisitiveness that has solidified not only a professional relationship but a friendship. I am glad I gave you my rose Li! <Big 'ole virtual, COVID free hug>

Now stop wasting time and hire Li!!!!

Review by randykostelansky
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