Help Micr Toner International with a new logo for packaging and brochures.

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This is the first time that Micr Toner International has participated in a logo contest in 99 Designs. We thought we were pressed for time but found that few designers found the contest the first day. We paid to accelerate the time and didn't calculate that designers require sufficient time to merge the brief with an original concept. It is important to review other contests, view designers' work and invite them to participate in a new contest.

KamNy has a style that is unmistakeable and bold and he is just what we needed to create a logo that Bruce Wayne aka: Batman would use; in other words he incorporated the perfect blend of clean lines and powerful graphics. We needed to tie in our theme and he responded brilliantly. He was quick, efficient and interpreted our direction flawlessly. When we awarded him the winner he immediately went to work to deliver our designs and continued to execute as the seasoned professional that he is. Our sincere Thanks! Lady Joss

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