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LoveQuest Coaching Site Maintenance

Justin is THE MAN!! My first designer, I came to learn was just a beginner on SquareSpace. After 3 MONTHS of allowing her to use my website as a learning project I had to grab the reigns and hand it over to a professional. I found Justin an authorized SquareSpace Designer who advised me on design and functionality so my site can convert visitors to leads. He create a clean, professional, high functioning website that I LOVE and provided a nice tutorial guiding me through the aspects of SquareSpace I can do on my own. I showed my SEO guy my new site and he even asked me for Justin's contact info because he was so impressed saying my site now is "light years" ahead of what it was before. So excited to see what this site does for my business!!! Definitely hire Justin and don't waste any time on amateurs.

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