Exquisite, Sleek and Modern design booklet, next steps involve designing a Website and Logo.

I provided Judithine an outline to design a 10 page catalog, quite complicated since we had to showcase many different product categories and also a basic company info and other services offered. Judithine sent a first draft that was almost 90% where I would've liked it, keeping in mind style, fonts, basically the whole gamut. She was extremely prompt, flexible and quick to respond to edit requests, and had no rigidness, delay or complaints whatsoever! I'm beginning working with her on a website and logo for a new brand, and she has also been very graceful in helping out with additional design/printing queries over email! All in all, a 5-star experience, thank you 99designs for making the introduction and I HIGHLY recommend Judithine for any of your design needs.

Review by meeta.palan
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