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Ivan is absolutely worthy of the exclamation point after his name, ivan! He
is one of the best designers I've ever worked with, and as a marketing
consultant who helps my clients with all sorts of branding and advertising
projects, I've worked with plenty.
His talent and design eye aside, here's what I love about Ivan:
-He is a great communicator with a superb command of English; his reading
comprehension, attention to detail and ability to convey his message are
better than many native English speakers I've worked with!
-He is responsive. As in almost immediately. He has communicated with me
after hours, on weekends, via 99designs, via email, via IM platforms. I
feel like he's right here in my office!
-He is flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to make the client
-Yet, he has a strong enough sense of design and a clear understanding of
the need to "lead" clients so that he doesn't blindly 'yes' the client,
thus sacrificing the design. (Others have done this to the detriment of the
final product--one of my pet peeves.) Ivan communicates and collaborates
like a true partner.
-He is responsible and clearly committed to any project/client he takes
-Have I raved about his communication yet? Let me do so some more--he's so
easy to work with; an absolute pleasure!
I'm happy to leave this testimonial for ivan! as long as you, dear reader,
remember that I found him "first"--he's already in high demand and it will
only become higher. Leave a little room for my projects as I hope to work
with him often in the future.
Thanks, ivan! You're the best!
Charlene Dupray on behalf of Strickland's Window Coveringsā€

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