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Gaudi is good! He really puts a lot into the design process. What really made him standout to me was the way he would listen very well to the precise feedback I gave him and incorporate that into new iterations of the design while at the same time, being willing to flex his creative muscles and provide a steady stream of fresh and new design ideas at the same time!! One of the main reasons I chose was to get a lot of great design options and it started to feel like once I started provided feedback, many designers would only make minor tweaks to their original designs and this got frustrating. But not Gaudi! He'd do the tweaks like everyone else, but then provide new and interesting designs all the time as well. And they were all quite good!! In fact, it was one of his later designs that we ended up choosing as our final logo! Since we had more design work to do with icons and buttons after the logo was done, his ability to demonstrate his talents in creating a whole bunch of top-notch designs made him a clear choice to have him do some 1-to-1 work for us too. Something that he's working on for us right now. He was very prompt in responding to us, very professional, courteous and didn't get involved in the petty arguments that other designers get involved with. I enthusiastically recommend Gaudi!

Review by Keithnerdin
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