Big Taxi now has a new signage!!!!

The Winning design goes to the designer, Erika Sawajiri. Congratulations Erika!!!! Thank you for your hardwork and ingenuity. The judging criteria was based on maximum likes, since this design will become the official signage on 40+ buses that travel everyday from New Jersey to New York. The winning design #162 had 200 likes so far, #165 had 150 likes, #179 had 110 likes, #192 had 100 likes, #171 had 60 likes, #187 had 20 likes. Many thanks to the online community of, who organized and orchestrated the contest, help find the best talent, and provided a level playing field opportunity to all designers around the world.

Again from the family at Big Taxi, thank you Erika!!! Its time to party.

God bless You!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Cordially yours

Renil George
CEO, Big Taxi

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