Community Contest - Your personal style wanted for these fun logos that celebrate design
Create a logo for a company that is looking to improve the health of the nail salon workers
Hausaufgabenhefte für Schüler
Design a cool logo for an online comic book retailer
Create Mr. Bench Press, the Perfect Fit character!
Book Illu about how to be creative - more than one winner planned
Majestic Ice Melt -King
Awesome Undies - Measuring Guide
Create an image of an adorable 4 year old boy who has a favourite pair of red shoes


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"doodlerdude has a great eye for design and style - a pleasure to work with; fast and efficient. Highly recommend..."
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"It was great working with doodlerdude!! Everything was submitted on time as requested. "
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"Great work and prompt service!"
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"Nice design and good service!"
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"doodlerdude made the effort to go the extra mile! Recommended!"
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"I am thrilled with the designs doodlerdude created for me. He (I assume it's he :)) nailed it right from the beginning and produced exactly what I was looking for. Thanks doodlerdude :)"
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