Ahmed was great to work with. We communicated very clearly and when he did not understand me (which was not often), he asked me to explain and then he would confirm his understanding. This kind of thing makes me as a client very happy.
He also offered me advice and suggestions if i wanted something done in a particular way which he thought may not look good or could look better in another way. This was also very helpful to know that the designer has the client's best interests at heart and are not just trying to finish the job, but more importantly are trying to make the client happy and their work a success!

On top of all this, he was very quick to respond when I was awake.
Even at 2:00a.m. in the morning (his time) when he could be sleeping - as we were on different sides of the world. this was very helpful, and although i kept insisting he should get some sleep - he wanted to keep working because he knew that I was awake at that time!

He also offered me tips so that if i need to make changes to his work in the future, e.g. add a new place on the map, I will be able to do this easily! This will save a lot of time and money in the long run!

I would recommend him for anyone who is looking for a good designer that will work to deadlines, strive to make you happy, want to teach you and explain what he is doing and be very responsive.

Review by anonymous client

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