Gifs for Socia Networks!
Teeth Mascot
Dog Tooth Fairy
Two friends!!
Illustration for singing site with eminent contributors.
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Cover for a book
The princess Marmot
Political Cartoon
Funny Cartoon Illustration - Cow, Pig and Chicken in a Bar
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"Diego is just so creative, multi-talented and hard working - we love throwing projects at him and seeing how he takes it in a wonderful, fresh and lively direction. "
Profile picturegregmh
"Very creative and reliable designer. :D"
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"Very creative :D"
Profile pictureTEntertainment
"as always a pleasure :D"
Profile pictureTEntertainment
"great to work with"
Profile pictureinfovts
"Diego is the best Designer ever. No matter what you need, he's got good ideas for everything. "
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"This designer is top-notch! Recommended 100%"
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"Diego just has so many talents. He's just completed our first animation and we couldn't be more pleased! "
Profile picturegregmh
"Diego continues to impress us with the versatility and quality of his art!"
Profile picturegregmh
"Diego has now created images for use for a site dedicated to a group of Universities in the United Kingdom. They are excellent and we plan to use Diego again for more work. "
Anonymous client
"Again a great pleasure to work with diego :D"
Profile pictureTEntertainment
"Awesome designer"
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"Best designer ever :D"
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"Diego really helped our small start up company to create a wonderful logo! "
Profile picturegregmh
"Yet again, Diego has done a fantastic job! "
Profile picturegregmh
"Once again, Diego has exceeded expectations."
Profile picturegregmh
"Diego is awesome - quality work! "
Profile picturegregmh
"Diego is both a gifted and super responsive designer. We are pleased to work with him!"
Profile picturegregmh
"Thank you for the great work again. :D I'm very impressed by every design."
Profile pictureTEntertainment
"Again a great great job. :D And very fast :) Thanks"
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"I would give more than 5 stars if it would be possible :) Diego Buz is so talented and creative. From the first sketch on he was so professionell. I was very impressed by his style and his skills. He knew what i want even before i knew it exactly ;) ..."
Profile pictureTEntertainment
"Diego Buz was incredibly responsive to our needs and produced some excellent graphics which reflected our needs and his own characteristic flair and creativity. We will definitely be using Diego again. -Gregory A. Barker, PhD, Singsician.com"
Profile picturegregmh
"That's exactly what I wanted :D "
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