Create funny variations of existing illustrated objects, so we can animate them

This is not a standard out-of-the-box feedback. I really wanted to take time and reflect what happened in this contest. We had high expectations in this contest, but in the same time, we also knew that it will not be easy what the designers have to deliver. There were a couple of very good designers delivering what we expected. But there was one designer who was just having this outstanding designs. He made us laughing and we started loving his work more and more. I'm talking about Evans Design. The quality that he delivered was much more than we expected. This is really where I am grateful to 99designs, because they bring clients and great designers together for a very good business relationship and outstanding results.

All deliveries were great from the beginning. Almost no revisions were needed. We wanted something fun, and herefore we were bringing some ideas. But Evans Design took those ideas and made much more out of it. It is just great!

Even during the contest, we wanted more of his work than what we originally planned with the contest and we started a 1:1 project with him, asking for more of his work.

I can highly recommend this designer if some outstanding creativity is needed.

Thanks a lot for your creative inputs and your fun work!

Review by Swiss Web Agency
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