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Graphic & web designer with BA in visual communications design, with over 10 years of experience.

Country: Croatia
Member since: February 25, 2010


"I fell in love with Dasa's design from the very beginning. And then Dasa just kept giving me improvements and great new options to consider. When I looked at Dasa's profile I was shocked to see that such a high level and accomplished designer had submitted to the contest as I only did the 'bronze' version. Then Dasa uploaded many variations of my winning design and made sure I was happy. I am a repeat customer and will definitely continue using this service and will never do another contest without inviting Dasa OR would just do a 1-to-1 project. I am so happy with this logo."
Tracey Rumsey
Logo design for Tracey Rumsey.
"Dasa is brilliant! Creating a versatile, marketable, and likeable tarantula was not an easy assignment. She exceeded my expectations and requests by making not only one but 8 of them. Her ability to understand a concept then bring it to life beautifully was exceptional. She communicated quickly and effectively. I am pleased to give my highest recommendation for dasaideabox as a logo designer."
Daniel Barrido
Logo & business card for Daniel Barrido.
"Dasa is the best! She was the only designer who really thought outside the box and incorporated my feedback with her own design sense. Really fantastic!!!"
Logo design for Shooyamike.
"Great working with designer! Level of work was incredible and handover process was simple and fast. Will definitely use this site again, hope Dasa finds my next project!"
Logo design for patrick.
"Brilliant design! I put my top four choices to vote, and the results were an average of 4.4 stars for Dasa's design, and second place was just 3.2 stars! It was a no-brainer! And also, very easy to work with and made changes exactly as requested. I hope to work together in the future. Thanks, Dasa!"
Bob Maucher
Logo design for Bob Maucher.
"Dasaideabox did a great job was quick with edits and responses."
Web page design for Rfelps1.
"We invited dasaideabox since she made some great designs in another competition we ran here at 99designs, even though she didn't win that time. This time however, she entered the competition late with one single design proposal, but we immediately fell for the idea and it continued to be our favorite design through the finals, even though the competition was fierce! "
Jens Fylkner
Logo design for Jens Fylkner.
"Been a complete pleasure! I had a lot of change requests and they were done quickly and always with a lot of great thought and intention! Love our new logo!"
Audra Soltis
Logo design for Audra Soltis.
"This designer did a great job and was the only designer that spent the time to look at the examples I showed them and create the look and feel that I wanted."
Logo design for marketsmart.
"Great designer!! Happy to have another logo created by dasaideabox!!"
Logo design for gabned.