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7plus7 is one of the most highly engaged, pro-active, bright, creative, hard working designers!!!

Of all the candidates in the contest, 7plus7 worked the Smartest and the Hardest. 7plus7 was even willing to learn new skills and adapt them to meet the needs of the design requirements.

What we liked MOST and what was the KEY reason why 7plus7 won our contest out of 46 other designs, was that 7plus7 submitted their design for feedback EARLY, OFTEN, and CONTINUOUSLY throughout the contest. This makes a HUGE difference! With every revision cycle, 7plus7 just kept getting better and better, moving them to the top, and ultimately, getting awarded as the Contest Winner!

7plus7's drive, motivation, communication, and continuous improvement caused the design to SHINE the brightest!!

It just goes to show you that, time and time again, it is Showing up, doing the Hard Work, applying New and Existing Skills, Having a Willingness to take Feedback & Adapt, combined with Superior Communication, that achieves greatness! 7plus7 achieves this greatness!!

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