E-book cover for guide to high tech sensor systems that help keep aging parents safe.

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CR75 came in with a strong design entry that showed he had thoroughly read the design brief. During the contest I gave him quite a bit of feedback as I learned from polls what people liked and did not like about his design. He made several iterations of his design in response to that feedback. By the end it looked quite a bit different than the first design, and stronger. In addition, we then went on to refine the color scheme and he made several different color alternatives. After quite a bit of poll testing of his designs and those of the nearest competitors, CR75's design was clearly better in the eyes of the majority of people I polled. We chose his designs and worked some more to decide which color scheme would win. I am very pleased with the result.

Throughout the process CR75 was exceptionally pleasant to deal with, responded very quickly to all my feedback, and worked much more rapidly than I had expected to turn around new designs. I will definitely be asking him for help when I next have a design need.

Review by Tech-enhanced Life

about 6 years ago

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